Militia Beirut was formed in the year of 2000. The group sings various genres in several languages; however their main identity is Hip Hop.

Militia consists of 2 people, Maroun Adolph & Charles Makriss.

They started as street dancers, and along the way, decided to create Militia as their name. The goal of the name Militia was to send a message to the Lebanese society & to the whole world.

We can express our thoughts without following wars and protests.

Militia began preparing for its first album "Beirut" since 2002 and was launched in 2 Dec 2007. The album took time to be launched because Militia depends solely on its members rather than production companies.

The launching of the album took place in Virgin Megastores, where much of the press joined the event. The "Beirut" album consists of 10 songs with various genres and performance, such as Rap, Oriental & Classic Orchestra, in addition to Gospel Music.